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Why is Sugar so Addictive?

Sugar Cravings! Most people struggle with them at some point, others their entire lives. Have you ever found yourself at the bottom of a bag of cookies asking yourself what just happened?  And then you feel like shit afterwards, emotionally and physically. I get it, I...

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Lesvos – A Humanitarian Crisis

In early February, I traveled to Lesvos, Greece to volunteer with Home for All, a non-profit organization that feeds the refugees seeking asylum on the island. I first heard about this program while attending the Doterra Conference in London last year.  How Doterra...

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About me 2019

   My Background Hi, I’m Angela, Health Coach, wife, mother of two amazing humans, environmental and social activist, and avid essential oil user.  Before moving to Switzerland in 2011, I worked in the renewable energy sector overseeing environmental permitting...

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Meet your coach

Hi, I am Angela, a former environmental consultant turned health coach, nature lover, and mother of 2 amazing humans. I’m passionate about helping busy moms live their lives on their terms.