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Hi I’m Angela, environmental scientist turned Certified Health Coach. Expat mom….obsessed with helping other women navigate the seasons with ease.

Let me guess..

As an expat you may be:

Searching for a job or sense of purpose, having given up your own career to follow your partner

Lacking family support or a social network you can depend on

 Raising 3rd culture kids in a strange new world

Learning a new language, or at least trying to (Why is German so damn hard?!)

All while desperately searching for food that feels like home, and trying to shrink into the fibers of your pre-Covid jeans.

Been there done that. 

Now I help expat moms end the daily struggle with their health, so they have more energy, shed unwanted baggage and navigate their adopted country with ease.

Hester. Happy Client,Helath Coaching

“Angela’s plan was brilliantly simple to follow, flexible and delicious.”

I liked the veggie/vegan variants and found it easy to plan and shop for and I felt great! I also liked that I can go back to a particular week and follow that again, any time, too.

-Hester McDonald

Real Talk: from one expat mom to another..

.. I always considered myself healthy until I had two kids (18 months apart), and found myself raising them in an actual village but without my actual village.

All this after leaving my environmental career and confidence in the dust. 

Like most shell shocked expat moms, I was in total survival mode, cycling through endless exhaustion which culminated in yet another health crisis (the Flu twice in one year, WTF?) all while…

  Trying to cook meals in a kitchen made for Stuart Little

  Dealing with a shared laundry situation (sick kids don’t follow a schedule)

  Trying to understand the difference between creme fraiche, quark and yogurt

   Constantly worried about breaking the rules (no vacuuming on Sunday was obviously made by someone without children)

I felt like I was suffocating, I couldn’t breathe. Missing my familiar comforts, I sought solace in Nutella and gipfelis. And you know where that leads….

The result: I didn’t recognize myself in the toothpaste encrusted mirror of our tiny bathroom (also made for Stuart Little). 

Being an exhausted, unhealthy mom isn’t the example I wanted to set for my kids.

When I couldn’t seem to overcome the brain fog, exhaustion and constant cycle of illness, I dusted off my science cap and went back to school… 

I now help other expat moms radically improve their health and in turn their overall happiness. Eat better, not less is my motto.

“Ooh, tell me more…”

Julia S.. Happy Client, Helath Coaching

Julia lost over 20lbs during our health journey and was excited that she felt so good again. “Working on this health journey with Angela was a great experience!

Sarah lost weight and gained more energy, waking up refreshed.  She really enjoyed the accountability of being part of a group on this journey.

Sarah Andrews 1

Lize felt more energetic after adjusting her family’s breakfast routine to include more healthy proteins and fats (and no, it didn’t eat up a bunch of time in the morning!)

Ready to be my next success story?

Here’s what I believe:

Becoming an expat is hard. Being a mom is exhausting. Being an expat mom comes with a whole unique set of challenges.

But it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your health.

When you make small tweaks to your nutrition or lifestyle, you’re finally able to breathe again, discover a wealth of energy you thought you’d packed away in that last move—and finally—find your feet again.

Tom Pelphrey with A. Warm's daughter
Angela Warm. Health Coach for expat moms with her husband
Warm Wellness - Health Coaching for expat moms

Besides helping expat moms get healthy, you should also know: 

✔ I’m humbled daily by the fact that my kids speak more languages than I do

 My husband is the better cook in our family. And I think he loves his tomato plants a little more than me in the summertime.

 Many moons ago I got my Yoga Teacher Certification, because I loved the mix of anatomy and spirituality. And well learning is fun!

 I spent two months on a movie set when my daughter was 7. She played Tom Pelphrey’s daughter. (PS I gave Tom grief about his sugar habit).

 My friends call me Arrangela because I’m a master collaborator (Like bringing mindset and cravings experts into my seasonal group programs).

 Protecting the planet is important to me. That is why all my programs include tips on how to be more sustainable

Become the expat mom whose feels great—inside and out. Let’s talk. 


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