My Wellness Journey

Motherhood does not have to be that hard. My passion is helping women live their healthiest lives, naturally. Having effective solutions on hand, reducing toxins in your home and having tools to improve your family’s health is incredibly  empowering. 

Healthier People = Healthier Planet

I want to help people want to (not *have* to), make changes for the better in their lives, to help you feel more balanced. I believe that all these big and small changes, impact our world for the better too.


Where It All Began

Hi, I’m Angela, Health Coach, wife, mother of two amazing humans, environmental and social activist, and avid essential oil user.  Before moving to Switzerland in 2011, I worked in the renewable energy sector overseeing environmental permitting for large scale wind and solar projects across the United States. As much as I loved my job, it took my husband and I about 5 seconds to jump at the opportunity to move to Switzerland in the summer of 2011.

The Big Move

With my daughter not even one yet, we uprooted our little family from the warm and sunny climate of south Florida to follow my husband’s new job and fulfill a lifelong dream to live in Europe. To say it was a challenge, would be an understatement.  But we quickly learned to love all the nuances of moving to a new country; the safety, the friendliness, the beauty, the proximity to so many other cultures and countries. But it also came with its share of downsides as well. 


I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Resource Management from the University of West Florida and a Holistic Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Warm Wellness provides real support for real people wanting to make better choices for their health, their family’s health and the health of our planet

“She’s guided me along this journey”

"Angela is such a reliable and professional consultant and provides excellent service with her knowledge about holistic health and essential oils. She’s guided me along this journey and helped me develop my knowledge which is so empowering. I love that I can roll on my own now that I have most oils and a guide book for all the different applications and benefits of each oil."

Winnie H, Switzerland

"A great learning experience"

"Working with Angela has been a great learning experience that has benefitted both my family and my pilates business. Her knowledge of Doterra’s Essential Oils is complimented well by her innate desire to help people feel better.

For my family, the oils have not only been wonderful at easing the orthopedic post-operative pain, but also in supporting our immune systems through cold and allergy season, and helping us sleep soundly and reduce stress."

Shannon F, Pilates Instructor, USA.