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It all matters… 

  • Motherhood and the challenges moms have to keep themselves and their children healthy.
  • Eating with the seasons of the year
  • The many seasons and transitions we make as women from menopause, conception, and post-partum.

wealth wellness wednesday

with twosistas

You have a laundry list of symptoms related to midlife that no one really talks about.

We talk about gut health, remaining healthy at any age (age really is just a number!), why less exercise is better (no really!), misconceptions around health and midlife, and so much more.

Miscarriage and Pregnancy in Advanced Maternal Age


After one miscarriage and a blighted ovum, I started researching advanced maternal age health and fertility. I started eating differently and tracking my cycles. 2 kids in my 40s later, I now coach women to boost their metabolism and have more energy.

How to embrace your health

with Miyara Women

Get insight on what women go through during midlife and Perimenopause and how to deal with it. Find reserves of energy, reach your ideal weight and navigate your kitchen with ease. 

Menopause and mental health

with ctogether

What can women can do to support their health and mental health during perimenopause and menopause. We cover topics related to nutrition, stress, sleep, communication and sex.

5 Immune Supporting Strategies to Protect You and Your Family This Season

I’m already seeing and feeling the benefits from all this great information. Thank you Angela! – Vanessa M., Switzerland

I am grateful that Angela put together this program for us and that we are all healthier because of it.  Being healthy is a big factor in having a strong defense against the virus. – Susan K, FL, USA

Are you tired of playing pass the cold each new season? Feel like your health is holding you back ?


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Seasonal recipes

Spring recipesdelicious spring recipes, packed with fresh seasonal nutrition. 

Spring is the perfect time to reclaim our health and wellbeing. You want quick and easy when it comes to preparing meals, so you can get outside and enjoy the sunshine. I’ve got you covered.

Summer meal planGet your family friendly summer meal plan and recipes

Summer is the time when we typically relax and look forward to our well planned holidays. It is perfect for spending time with our family and reclaim our health and wellbeing while we’re at it.

10 healthy family meals 

Say hello to food that not only tastes great, but also nourishes our bodies and helps keep our emotions and mind in check. 

3 Day Family Meal Plan 

Say Goodbye to Not Knowing what’s for dinner & Hello to delicious meals in under 30 minutes.

The Seasonal Success Supper Club

Are you ready to …

  • ake the overwhelm out of what to prepare each day?
  • Tap into seasonal foods for the best nutrition?
  • Confidently prepare easy and healthy meals your whole family will love?
  • Save yourself time and money in the process?
I'm ready!I want to know more

Make your 40’s and 50’s feel like the springtime of your life.


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