Health Coaching

I help women go from frazzled to fabulous by putting their health back at top of their priority list, by incorporating simple and sustainable healthy habits, so they wake up with more energy, more happiness, more excitement about their lives. 

About me

Are you looking for natural solutions for yourself and your family?

Have you tried everything to lose weight only to gain it back and more?

Are you challenged to find the time to exercise and eat right with a family?

Are you overwhelmed by the myriad of health research out?

If you answered “yes”, please read on.

My passion is helping women live their healthiest lives, emotionally and physically

Learn to heal yourself through simple nutritional and lifestyle changes

Incorporate healthy eating habits for you and your family

Learn basic steps to long-lasting energy and mental clarity

Learn simple and cost-effective ways to reduce the amount of toxins in your home


“As your Health Coach, I guide you to reach your health and life goals by making step-by-step changes to your food and lifestyle at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for you.”

— Angela

Discover better health and long-lasting wellness

As women, we are often so focused on doing for others, that we often put our own health needs on the back burner. I empower women with simple and manageable steps to put themselves first so that they are better equipped to care for themselves and their families.

I truly believe that when we heal ourselves, it has a ripple effect outward for not only ourselves and our families, but the larger community and the planet we all share.

Join me for a free Wellness Breakthrough Session today and let’s get you on the right path to feeling fabulous!

What I Offer

Health Coaching

Through one-on-one or group coaching, you will gain the knowledge and tools to implement lasting change. You will find a safe place to learn new habits and to live the life you’ve always longed for.

Essential Oils

As a mom, I fell in love with the amazing benefits essential oils provide for me and my family.  I use them daily to manage my family’s healthcare and emotional well being. It is empowering to know that I have the ability to help my family naturally and effectively.

Webinars & Live Events

I pride myself on educating others on natural solutions for their families health and happiness.  I also love teaching others how to achieve healthy living through a variety of topics.  I do this through fun and interactive webinars and live events.

“She’s guided me along this journey”

“Angela is such a reliable and professional consultant and provides excellent service with her knowledge about holistic health and essential oils. She’s guided me along this journey and helped me develop my knowledge which is so empowering. I love that I can roll on my own now that I have most oils and a guide book for all the different applications and benefits of each oil.”

Winnie H, Switzerland

“A great learning experience”

“Working with Angela has been a great learning experience that has benefitted both my family and my pilates business. Her knowledge of Doterra’s Essential Oils is complimented well by her innate desire to help people feel better.

For my family, the oils have not only been wonderful at easing the orthopedic post-operative pain, but also in supporting our immune systems through cold and allergy season, and helping us sleep soundly and reduce stress.”

Shannon F, Pilates Instructor, USA.

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