As published on My Swiss Story on January 25, 2021.

Can we just cut the crap?

In perfectly normal times (remember those, when you had a coffee with a friend, hugged your elderly neighbor, oh and traveled farther than the local grocery store). Seriously, even back in non-pandemic times New Year’s Resolutions never worked.

Ok maybe for like less than 12% of you.

But for the rest of us, New Year’s Resolutions were out the window usually before the post NYE hangover kicked in.

I mean I get the allure of them.   Especially this year.

Many of us were elated to say goodbye to 2020, and usher in a new year, filled with promise, hope and possible travel plans.

But truth be told – not much changed overnight?

We are all still exhausted from the virtual work & homeschooling turmoil and anxious about what this new year holds. 


How about instead of buying into this destined to fail narrative, of setting abstract New Year’s Resolutions, that never work, we let it go.

No really Let it go! Like Elsa in Frozen.

  • Let go of that number on the scale or your dress size
  • Let of doom scrolling social media,
  • Let go of your fears and self doubt
  • Let go of comparing yourself to anyone else

Why does the stroke of midnight on one certain day a year mean that suddenly you’ve been granted this magical willpower to do the things you couldn’t accomplish any other time of the year?

The truth is winter (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) is a terrible time to muster the willpower to make big changes. Winter is the time to hibernate, self reflect, and eat chicken soup. Your Vitamin D levels are low and your immune system is fighting to keep everything in balance. So let’s cut it some slack and not add unneeded stress to the mix.

Instead, spend some time getting crystal clear about what it is you really want this year.

Do some much needed digital decluttering (check out Helena’s great article on this topic),

Get Back to Basics in the food category


The truth is you can start good habits at any time. The key is to get specific about them but keep it super simple and easy to accomplish.

Want to get healthy? What would it look like or better yet what will it feel like when you achieve it?

You will never reach your health goals if you already believe you won’t accomplish them or if they are some vague statement you really don’t want to achieve.

Cut yourself some slack!

“Getting healthy” just like body shape comes in many different sizes and changes over time. Also people can take widely different paths to get there.

As Pragati said in her most recent featured article, let’s focus more on Acceptance of ourselves and one another, and less on what dress size or hair style you have.

2020 was a year with a lot of challenges, pain, and struggle. It was also a year of growth, resilience, and gratitude.

This year taught you something important about you.

Spend some time reflecting on that goodness and more will follow.

And Remember You are enough, You are beautiful.