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Health is about so much more than the food we put in our bodies. It’s about enjoying life, having a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate and being nourished from more than just the food we eat.

You could drink soy decaf kale juices until the cows come home, but that wouldn’t be a solution to a healthier life. Warm Wellness is more than diet and nutrition. It’s about making better choices. It’s about enjoying life and not sweating the small stuff.

The crazy pants truth is you can hire a health coach right now to get you back on track or you can hire a doctor years down the road when your lifestyle and diet choices catch up with you. I encourage you to take the reins now and start enjoying life. 

When we make healthier choices for us and our family, we’re also having a positive impact on the planet. We become superheroes, minus the spanx.

Your Health Can’t Wait. Your Family Can’t Wait. The Planet Can’t Wait.

Leafy Greens Are Great.

But So Are Sweet Potatoes and Pizza.

What is Health Coaching?

I’m not going to make you jump through rubber hoops, give up your coffee or cut out your favorite snacks, because that’s about as balanced as an elephant on a seesaw.

Warm Wellness will simplify healthy living so you have more time and energy to do the things you love. For the most part, you know what you should and shouldn’t be eating, and you know you need to exercise more. But finding the time and motivation with all the other responsibilities is the hard part. 

My one-on-one health coaching will guide you through simple step-by-step changes to your diet and lifestyle at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for you. Oh, and lifestyle changes also includes making time for kid-free nights every now and then. 

Health coaching is for you if:

  • You are struggling to know exactly what you need to do to get healthy
  • You are reaching for caffeine or sweets to keep you going during the day
  • You can’t seem to lose that baby weight even if it’s been many years now
  • You feel completely overwhelmed with what you should and shouldn’t be eating and often find solace in a bag of cookies or chips
  • You hate the bitch that you’ve become due to lack of sleep and sustenance
  • You want to feel like you again, minus the tired mood swings and overwhelm 

Seasonal Meal Plans

Delicious and nutritious meals that takes the yuck out of healthy eating, delivered to your inbox.

1:1 Health Coaching

 Get help with incremental lifestyle and diet adjustments that build on a lifetime of wellness

Seasonal Group Programs

 Designed to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle based on what your body needs each season! 

Ready to Put on Your Oxygen Mask First?

I Can Help You Build Healthy Habits & Realistic Routines

As women, we are often acutely focused on doing for others, that we often put our own health needs so far on the back burner, they are long forgotten. I empower you with simple and manageable steps to put your health needs first and foremost. In turn you are better equipped to care for others. Remember the saying “Put on your oxygen mask first before helping others.” This applies to your health as well – It is time to put your health first.

I believe that when we heal ourselves, it has a ripple effect outward for not only ourselves and our families as well as the larger community (aka planet) we share.

Are you ready to make your health and happiness a priority?

Love from my clients

"Angela quickly got to the root causes of my health issues and provided suggestions for increasing protein in our diet. I immediately felt more energetic and noticed a change within my family as well. I think what was most surprising was the change in my mindset, I found myself less overwhelmed with meal planning and making healthy choices. I would recommend Angela to anyone but especially moms who tend to focus on their family first and not themselves.  I am grateful how she helped me obtain a broader view of my health, for all the great recipes and checking in on me regularly."

-Lize K.

Love from my clients

"I came to Angela because I wanted to lose weight and become healthier. Angela provided guidance through regular calls and providing information specific to my needs. The biggest change I found was that I don’t consider food my enemy anymore. I enjoy eating healthier foods and feel my waistline improving. I am exercising more and have a better relationship with food. I no longer find myself fighting with labels and images and instead adopted a much healthier lifestyle through improving my daily habits. Angela is very motivating, a gentle but tough coach.”

-Celine P.

Love from my clients

"Angela was able to help me work toward certain health goals by introducing me to relevant tools. The biggest tangible change I noticed since I started has been the importance of investing more time, energy and resources in a way in which makes me care about my nutrition and health.  I now recognize the importance of a healthy and balanced life. Angela has a supportive personality and I would recommend her to anyone.


Love from my clients

"Angela is such a reliable and professional consultant and provides excellent service with her knowledge about holistic health. She’s guided me along this journey and helped me develop my knowledge which is so empowering.

-Winnie H.

Love from my clients

"Working with Angela has been a great learning experience that has benefitted both my family and my pilates business. Her knowledge of Doterra’s Essential Oils is complimented well by her innate desire to help people feel better. For my family, the oils have been wonderful at supporting our immune systems through cold and allergy season and helping us sleep soundly and reduce stress.

-Shannon F.

Good health isn’t a mystery, it’s a destination. Let me be your personal guide.

Warm Wellness is all about helping busy women put themselves back at the top of their priority list.

Put on your oxygen mask first - everyone wins.

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