Real Food, Real Quick

21 day Challenge

A 21 day group program to start this year off on the right foot (not the left one like we all did last year).

Starts January 25th

At a super special 2021 price, just for you!

Susan K. Happy Client of Angela Warm. Health Coach

“Being healthy is a big factor in having a strong defense against this virus.”

“My number one takeaway from the group program is that by making small changes to my diet (like reducing sugar intake) and making healthier food choices, I can lose weight, feel full and have more energy. It’s a win win! Bonus: kids and hubby are eating healthier food and asking me to make most of them again.”

Susan K.

You may have eaten poorly last year (trust me we all did)

It was all you could do to cope with that crazy pandemic.

You know you need to eat healthier but…

You have no idea where to start.

And you don’t have time to spend all day in the kitchen.

But if last year taught us anything, it’s that:


If you don’t invest in your health,

you’ll invest in your illness.

Taking charge of your health should be at the top of your long to-do list (not the one you always write out – then forget it at home).

If you dread the pressure to “Get Healthy” at the start of each new year, but long for a simple and EFFECTIVE way to:

✔ Prepare healthier meals (for both you and your kids!)

✔ Not spend hours in the kitchen cooking

✔ Confidently prepare a healthy breakfast ahead of time

Navigate the new year with ease.

Then keep reading… 

How would it feel to start this new year on a positive note? navigating the change of seasons with confidence, preparing a healthy meal with ease?

What happens if instead of:

Spending your precious time banging your head against the cabinet, trying to figure out what to cook for lunch or dinner. 

 Sending the kids to school with cold cereal or a piece of white bread in their belly

Scrambling for pre-packaged chicken nuggets again, because you’ve run out of meal ideas

Completely abandoning your health goals before the year has barely started. 

Your family (that includes you!) has the healthiest start to the new year it ever has! 

Luckily, you can prepare healthy meals, easily… 

Inside Real Food, Real Quick

I am giving away this 97 CHF program at only 21CHF  

consider this a New Year gift from me to you… 

Pamela. Happy Client,Helath Coaching

“The encouragement and sense of community is what really helped me stay focused.”

“Five days into Angela’s Fall Cleanse group program I felt more energetic and overall better. I never felt hungry. My biggest struggle is often preparation, consistency and discipline. That is why the group program helped me by keeping me accountable. The encouragement and sense of community is what really helped me. I lost weight, reduced my sugar cravings and felt so much better just by changing a few habits.  I am thankful for Angela for this program.”

Pamela M.

If you’re ready to uncover the secret to preparing healthy meals with ease, then keep reading…. 

Hi, I’m Angela Warm…

(yep warm like the weather as I always say)

Here’s what I know about you…

A. Warm, health coach


✔ care deeply about keeping your family safe and healthy all year long

 constantly give everyone else your time and energy—to the point of not taking care of yourself—that you catch anything and everything the kids bring home 

 have become painfully aware how important it is to focus on your health (really any time of the year)

 stay up late wondering what more you can do to help your family stay healthy

Now, my question for you is:

How would it feel to stop being controlled by what’s going on in the world and instead feel empowered to take care of you and your family’s health and wellbeing?

I got you covered.

Are you ready to become the ultimate superhero—the one who keeps her family healthy all season long?

Equipped with a 20-year career in caring about the environment, family health and expat living, I realized after having two kids that it all meant nothing if I wasn’t happy and healthy.

And I also learned that every single action you take—from the food you eat to the products you use in your home and on your body—impacts your health.

Pamela. Happy Client,Helath Coaching

“I lost weight and gained more energy.”

“Through the Spring Program I found I really enjoyed the accountability of being part of a group on this journey. I lost weight and gained more energy, waking up refreshed. I felt lighter inside and didn’t miss any of the processed food. Angela has a really inclusive style that helped us feel really engaged. I really enjoyed the experience and would definitely sign up again and recommend this program to others.”

Sarah A., U.K

If you are ready to confidently prepare a healthy meal quicker than it takes your son to clean his room…

I’m here to help you. 

Here’s What You Get Inside

Real Food Real Quick

3 Weekly Meal Plans:

Three weeks (21 days) of healthy, easy to prepare recipes and tips such as… 

  • Meal prep like a pro
  • Batch cook proteins
  • Staying within budget
  • Repurposing leftovers
  • …. and more 

Exclusive Real Food Real Quick Facebook Group:

Connect with other like-minded women with the same goal… to prepare healthy meals in a snap.

Think of it as a cheerleading section just for you (minus the pom-poms).

This is a super-cool way to collaborate within the community, share wins, and ask questions.

Personal Q+A HotSeats:

A Certified Health Coach in your back pocket for 3 weeks (at a fraction of the price). I will answer your health-related questions during this program.

Hester. Happy Client,Helath Coaching

“Brilliantly simple to follow.”

Angela’s plan was brilliantly simple to follow, flexible and delicious. I liked the veggie/vegan variants and found it easy to plan and shop for. I felt great! I also liked that I can go back to a particular week and follow that again, any time as well.”

Hester M.

Want to thrive this coming winter—not just survive—and start the new year on a high note?

WARNING – eating healthy foods for 3 weeks could result in increased energy levels, loss of unwanted pounds, healthier skin and increased libido (just thought you’d like to know)…

You really only have 3 choices… 


You can continue to do exactly what you’ve done each year and take your chances on healthy meals magically appearing on your dinner table.


You can toss your healthy eating plans out the window, along with all the other best laid plans for this new year


Or you can join this program and follow the simple, proven path already forged for you that utilizes simple recipes to healthify your meal routine.

If you want to feel absolutely confident in your ability to prepare healthy meals you and your family will love and #3 is calling out to you…

…then I want to thank you for allowing me to give you the system and community to overhaul and supercharge your meals and start this year on a high note.

I can’t wait to help you make it happen.

Join Real Food Real Quick Today

And learn how to prepare

healthy meals with ease

At 97 CHF 21 CHF only

5% of the proceeds from this program will go to Home For All, an organization that feeds and clothes the refugees from the Moria Refugee Camp in Lesvos Greece. The entire camp designed to hold 2,500 refugees, held 7,000 when I volunteered there in 2019 and when it burned to the ground late last year it had over 13,000 inhabitants.

We can do better.

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