Hi there, I’m Angela. Wife, mother of two, Integrative Health Coach, environmental scientist and avid essential oil educator. Before making the big move to Switzerland in 2011, I enjoyed working in the renewable energy sector overseeing environmental permitting for large-scale wind and solar projects across the US.  After a few hiccups along the road to pregnancy forced me to look at more natural alternatives, our first was born in 2010.  In 2011, we made a big decision and uprooted our beach happy family from the warm climate of sunny Florida, to follow my husband’s new job in Switzerland. It had always been a dream of ours to live in Europe. To say it was challenging, would be an understatement. Let’s see, quit career, leave behind social network and close family, begin life in a foreign country with a 1  year old and baby number 2 on the way.  But we quickly learned to love all the nuances of moving to a new country; the safety, the friendliness, the beauty, the proximity to so many other cultures and countries. And I relished my ability to be a stay-at-home mom.

We welcomed baby # 2 in 2012 and I was fully immersed in raising a family in a foreign country, but I was still feeling a bit lost.  I missed working for something I believed strongly in.  I’ve always known I wanted to make a difference in the world. It is the reason I pursued a degree in Environmental Studies. It is the reason worked in the non-profit world before becoming an environmental consultant.  Now I was in a foreign country, with little ones at home, what was I to do?

My new career pursuit began with a suggestion from a friend to try essential oils after having a horrible bout of the flu. As a scientist, I was a bit skeptical, to say the least. However, motivated by my desire for natural healthcare for my family, I decided to give them a try. This event literally changed my life and set me on a path for a new career in holistic health care. The truth was, I saw an immediate positive impact on the health and wellbeing of my family. We just weren’t getting sick nearly as often and I loved having natural solutions to treat my family’s myriad of common everyday ailments. This had a huge positive impact on the quality of our lives.

My background in environmental science made me keenly aware of the number of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. I vowed I would do everything in my power to reduce that toxic overload for myself and my family.

I decided to delve a bit deeper into this area of alternative health care. I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017 and received my Health Coaching Certification in September 2018. I believe, this program should be required learning for every human being on the planet. Learning not only what to eat, but to take care of our bodies both physically and emotionally can have a profound impact on not only our health but the health of our planet. And thus, a new career was born, one in which I was in control and I enjoyed just as much as my last.

I want to help people want to (not *have* to), make changes for the better in their lives, to help you feel more balanced. I believe that all these big and small changes, impact our world for the better too. Healthier people = healthier planet.

I am an avid researcher (the scientist in me) and natural solutions guru and here I share my findings, tips, endeavors and experiences. I love that not only am I leading a more meaningful life at work, but I am helping others as well find their purpose.  We spend so much time interacting with people through our work, that it’s important that that feels balanced as well.


The food philosophy that seems right to me: Keep it real. Keep it unrefined. Try for organic as much as possible, and in terms of diet, I’m a big believer in eating what’s right for you.  Just listen to your body. There’s no one right way, except the natural, real food way. One of my favorite quotes “If it comes from a plant eat it, if it was made in a plant, avoid it.” If you’re looking for a rigid purist, keep looking. I still love a good piece of bread, chocolate and glass of wine. But I could talk your ear off about the benefits of kombucha and essential oils as well.

Natural non-toxic every day solutions & food as medicine are fascinating to me. How big business affects the food we eat and the products we use today, still interests me also, often to the point of infuriation. For now I will focus on what I can do for myself and my family and that ripple effect it has on our bigger world.

My passion is helping women live their healthiest lives, emotionally and physically. Having natural solutions on hand, reducing toxins in your home and having tools to improve your family’s health is empowering. It’s what I help people do. Be sure to grab my newsletter so that you can join one of my live or webinar events. Join our amazing community on Facebook.  Book me for a consultation, workshop, party or local event.

Everyone is welcome and it’s all about essential living.