Last weekend I escaped down to Italy to visit a friend from the US I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. We had actually lost touch for a long time and were reunited in a very strange coincidence (story for another time).  Getting away wasn’t so much about seeing her as it was about escaping the mom routine. I needed a break and this was as good of an excuse as any in my mind. 

But I felt so guilty.  Guilty asking my husband if he could take some time off work so I could go.  Guilty for spending money selfishly on just me. Guilty for leaving the kids – SO MUCH GUILT!

But I did it and to be perfectly honest it wasn’t my favorite trip of all times. Being it was sort of a last minute trip to meet my friend who already had made her plans and accomodations in Italy. I was just tagging along for a few days. 

I am not ashamed to admit, I like to sleep, preferably in my own bed and when it’s not my own bed well it better be pretty darn close. The sleeping arrangements weren’t that great. Add to that the noise from the adjacent road traffic, loud garbage trucks at midnight every night and a bit of snoring (ok like alot) from my friend.  Well it ended up being a recipe for much less sleep than I am used to. Which is ironic since we just covered the Importance of Sleep over in my private Facebook Group – Healthy Living Tribe. 

We made the most of our time together. Did you know you can find vegan restaurants anywhere these days ( Touring the beaches and cute towns around Bari, Italy in her little rental car and just catching up. We had quite a bit to catch up on.  She like me also took a different career path in the last few years, hers being a more spiritual journey, while mine now focuses on health and wellbeing. 

We said goodbye on Sunday morning as she was travelling on to Greece for a few weeks. I purposely stayed an extra day for a couple of reasons 1) it was cheaper to fly back on Monday and 2) I thought I needed a day to myself to catch up on some work and relax a bit. 

But here is the thing – I really missed my kids – like really missed them. Which is so ironic because when I am at home and the stress of cooking, keeping track of the schedule and working on my Health Coaching Practice – I often daydream about getting away from it all – how that would make everything better somehow. 

Here is the thing –  getting away from it all is important. Being away from my responsibilities for a few days made me keenly aware of what I missed about my family and maybe that was the whole point. I returned a much gentler (albeit sleep deprived) version of myself.  I am keenly aware of how lucky I am to have the opportunity to jump on a plane and visit a friend, but I am also lucky to have an amazingly supportive husband and great kids to come home to as well.

My message for you, as busy moms we tend to just do do do for everyone until we feel like crap. We put ourselves and our health and wellbeing on the back burner.   What if you just took some time for a coffee by yourself, watch your favorite show or did some yoga even if it is for 15 minutes. 

Find your center again so you aren’t always dreaming about getting away.  And that’s not to say a getaway isn’t in order every now and then. I’m still a big advocate for momcations. I know and you know that you deserve it.  I am just saying find the retreat within as well. And for gods sake get some sleep. 

If you need some help focusing on your health – give me a shout It happens to be my favorite topic to chat about.