NOVEMBER 24, 2019


Healthy Hedonism

Discover Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Holidays this Season with less stress, more joy and tons of gratitude.

NOVEMBER 26, 2019

ACWZ Zurich

Holiday make and take

Join us for a fun hands on experience where you will make all natural holidays gifts.

Who doesn’t like a thoughtful handmade gift?

NOVEMBER 27, 2019

Free Webinar

How to Stay Healthy and Stress Free During the Holidays

Bring the joy back to the holidays by focusing on what is important to you, while not sacrificing your health and sanity in the process.

December 3, 2019


Holiday Make and Take Event

Join us for a fun hands on experience where you will make all natural holidays gifts to give to friends and family.

Who doesn’t like a thoughtful handmade gift made from all-natural products?

january 13 – 23, 2020

ditch diets and boost your immune system this winter 

a 10 day winter cleanse for Frazzled Females who want to take care of their bodies

With my 10 day program, determine the cause of holding on to weight, bring your A-game to everything you do, jumpstart your metabolism, reduce cravings and hunger for foods , reduce inflammation and digestive issues, reduce stress. Cleaning up your diet for 10 days will have a powerful impact on your emotional state. You will be able to sleep better and your metabolism will be able to function optimally.

June 12 – 14, 2020

Nourish Your Mind, Body & Spirit 

2 Day Retreat for Frazzled Females | Seerose Resort & Spa, Switzerland

Switch off, unwind and deeply relax, reconnect with yourself while you learn simple techniques to feed your inner soul. Return home recharged and empowered with practical tools for sustaining your mental and physical health.