Passionate Doterra Oil User forever!

Thanks to Angela & Doterra I didn’t need to use Painkillers
help people feel better

Passionate Doterra Oil User forever!

I was introduced to Doterra oils over a year and a half ago by Angela. And I’m forever grateful and excited about this new natural way of supporting my own and family’s health.
Angela is such reliable and professional Consultant, and provides excellent service with her knowledgeable about the oils. She’s guided me along this journey and helped me develop my knowledge which is so empowering. I love that I can roll on my own now that I have most oils and a guide book for all the different applications and benefits of each oil.

I remember so vividly Angela gave me a bottle of Breath and a bottle of On Guard to start with. At that stage my precious girl was 4 years old and suffering from an Auto Immune Disease and frequently sick. When I started using oils them could immediately see how we didn’t get sick that often and when we did, the duration was shorter.

More recently, I’ve been using Deep Blue for my daughter’s growth pains and she even asks for it herself now in the middle of the night when she can’t sleep of aching legs/feet!

Over time I’ve been building my own collection and trying a variety of Doterra oils. I’m so impressed by the quality of their oils. My favourites are Basil and Helicrysum for the regular ear discomfort, due to seasonal changes. I don’t need any painkillers anymore – only my oils!

I use my diffuser on a daily basis with oils that my family needs. From Wild Orange to elevate our happiness to Serenity at night time. And of course I love to create my own blends based on the seasons.

Whenever we travel I take along a small travelling oils purse. I love that I have a variety of options to provide relief to my family wether its Digest Zen for Stomach ache/indigestion or Lavender and Melaleuca for bumps and bruises.

Lice (ugh) always visit when you least expect it on school children’s heads – but not to fear! Melaleuca is what I use to remove it in a natural way instead of toxic shampoo, and a customised spray I’ve made myself (with Angela’s speedy help!) prevents it now. I find the women’s blend of ClaryCalm such a support during bad PMS symptoms and carry that with me too. It helps me to calm and stay centred and also reduces intense cramps during this time.

I love the Doterra Spa Lip Balm in Tropical! It’s a wonderful small gift and always keeps my lips soft and refreshed.

I also love cleaning with the oils, it is nice to have non-toxic methods for doing the cleaning around my home or office.

I’ve been using oils in making gifts for teachers and Christmas gifts and their uses are endless.

Passionate Doterra Oil User forever!
Lize Koller