Get Started


3 Ways to Get Started

First route, is RETAIL.

This is your best bet if you are only going to purchase ONE single essential oil in your whole life, WHY? Simple, retail costs more money…

With a Retail Account you will receive:

  • Regular retail pricing
  • No opportunity to earn the FREE Product of the Month (POM)
  • Full price shipping

Visit my website and click SHOP, feel free to click the CONTACT US button so that I may assist you with any questions you might have.

Second option, is to sign up for a Wholesale Membership.

Visit my website select JOIN & SAVE, feel free to click the CONTACT US button so that I may assist you with any questions you might have.

WHY? With a Wholesale Membership, you will receive:

  • 25% off retail price
  • Wholesale Membership is good for 1 year, cost is $35.00 in US or 20€ in EU
  • No obligation to purchase or sell
  • 10% - 30% back in reward points to use on your next purchase
  • LRP Loyalty Rewards Program
  • A chance to earn the FREE Product of the Month (POM)
  • Discounted shipping options (does not apply in Switzerland or Norway)
  • The ability to earn income if you choose to share products with friends and family
  • Education, Support & Access to Team Resources (Warm Wellness Team)

Third way, is to sign up with an Enrollment Kit.

WHY? With an Enrollment Kit, you will receive:

  • Wholesale membership for the year is waived
  • Enrollment kits are priced at lower than wholesale = save more $$$ honey
  • PLUS all the above with the Wholesale Membership

There are many different Enrollment Kits to serve a number of health concerns and budgets. Please reach out to me via the contact page here I want to assist you in choosing the very best kit for you.

Link to US enrollment kits here - link to European Enrollment Kits here

To your radiant health and vitality!!


Please feel free to ask me anything about the enrollment kits or how to order. I am more than happy to help out. Also I have a Facebook Group with tons of tips on how to use the oils as well as online classes.

Once you decide what route to go I can either place your first order for you or you can also enroll yourself online:

You would go to my website

Click Join and Save

enroll as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate

Put in your personal information It will ask for my enroller ID which is 1090410

If you are doing an enrollment kit the options are at the top just scroll through them all and click a kit based on language, you can also add additional items in the cart

If not doing an enrollment kit - then press Welcome or Introductory Kit - Euro 20€ or $35 US Then go to the cart and add all the items you want

You would type in the name of the item and they should pop up (sometimes there are several options) Then you put in your credit card information and hit complete. Your order will typically arrive within a few days.